Get the Freight Out! - GTFO!

A logistics and exploration game in the virtual world of Second Life™

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GTFO!?

GTFO! is a HUD-based travel and logistics game where players haul virtual freight across the SL grid by water, rail, air, road and space. Players, or "operators", load up at one of 500+ hubs and transport their cargo to another using a supported vehicle.

SL residents play GTFO! for many reasons, including travel, exploration, role-play, and competition. Many people have been playing GTFO! since it was released in 2016.

Who runs GTFO!?

GTFO! was created by Rez Gray in 2016. CinnamonMousse and Syler Avon purchased the game from Rez in 2018, and Famously Dismantled bought Cinn’s stake in the business in November 2021.

Every elf, moderator or other staff member is a volunteer and a player of the game.

What’s the latest version of the game?

Version 1.9.1 of GTFO! was released on 1 January 2022. It is a free update for users of the full HUD.

When will [insert name of feature] be available?

We’re dancing as fast as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

How do I buy the HUD?

The HUD is available on the SL Marketplace and at many hubs.

The owners of the game have vendors set up at:

Is there a trial version of the HUD?

The trial version of the HUD can be purchased for L$1 at any of the locations listed under How do I buy the HUD?.

The trial HUD is limited (no smuggling or other special features) and only goes to Level 5. That’s plenty of time to figure out whether you like the game enough to upgrade to the full version.

I have an old HUD. How do I update to the new version?

For versions 1.8.6 and later, you should be offered an update when you next attach your HUD.

If you aren’t offered an update, please use a redelivery terminal at Bruissac or De Campion.

What vehicles are compatible with GTFO!?

Not all vehicles support GTFO!, but there are over 650 vehicles that do, including free ones. Have a look at the SL Marketplace or check out our Vehicles list.

The website says my VAPI code is “built-in”. How do I set it up?

You don’t have to do anything.

See How do I set up a vehicle with a built-in VAPI?

I want to smuggle and take “random” jobs. Why aren’t they showing on my HUD?

You won't see smuggling or random jobs in your HUD, until you have G$5000 and the full HUD.

Where are hubs located?

There are a few ways to find one of the over 500 GTFO! hubs:

  • Attach your HUD and click the "List All Hubs" button.
  • Visit our Hubs list.
  • Open the viewer’s map and look for GTFO! sky signs.
I think there’s a hub missing. How do I report it?

First, the SLURL in the HUD doesn’t work (yet). It always points at 128,128 in a region, so you may need to search for the hub.

If the hub really is missing, please refer to the weekly news notice in the in-world group for contact information.

How do I open my own GTFO! hub?

Most GTFO! hubs are owned by players of the game. If you have a space station, airport, marina, petrol/gas station or other location with access to protected road, rail or waterway (or air/space), you could host your own hub.

Please see How to become a hub provider.

Listing a hub is subject to approval.

I am a vehicle creator. How do I add GTFO! to my vehicles?

It’s as simple as obtaining a code for your vehicle(s).

Please see How to add GTFO! to the vehicles you sell.

How do I add GTFO! to a vehicle I bought?

The simple answer is “You can’t”, but there are a couple of “official” things you can do:

  • Contact the creator of the vehicle and ask them to add support.
  • Use the “Mess-Anger” bag, available for free at De Campion.

The messenger bag only provides the smallest cargo capacity, but it lets you play GTFO! with any vehicle.

There are unsupported ways of adding GTFO! to your vehicle, but you won’t find those here, and they may break in a future version of GTFO!.

When are vehicles and hubs added to the game?

New vehicles and hubs are added to the game each week, going live during weekly scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance is usually at 5AM SLT every Sunday.

Something isn’t working in the game. Where may I get support?

The best place to start is by asking on Discord or in the in-world group. There you’ll find community members willing to answer your questions and offer advice.

I think I’ve found a bug. Where do I report it?

For bugs and other technical issues, please get the bug report form, which is available:

Instructions on where to send the form are included.