Get the Freight Out! - GTFO!

A logistics and exploration game in the virtual world of Second Life™

How to add GTFO! to the vehicles you sell

If you have a business that creates and/or sells vehicles in SL, it’s simple to add GTFO! support.

Vehicles are given a unique “VAPI” code that, when combined with a script, adds GTFO! support. The code identifies the type, size and freight capacity of the vehicle, so that the game “knows” what hubs can support it and what cargo it can carry.

We do not issue codes to individual vehicle owners.

How to apply

Every Sunday, some time after 5AM SLT, a “weekly news” notice is sent to the inworld group. Attached to that notice, you’ll find the latest vehicle application notecard and instructions for submitting it.

Vehicle applications are processed in the order they are received, subject to the real life demands of staff members.

Before you apply

There are a couple of things to consider before applying for a code.

A vehicle’s code is attached to the creator

The code assigned to a vehicle is attached to the creator of the root link of the vehicle’s link set.

Consider making the vehicle modifiable

As stated above, support is added by a code and a script. If the vehicle is modifiable, the players may add those to their own vehicles.

If you choose to add GTFO! support to a “no-mod” vehicle, there may be compatibility issues in a future update of the vehicle script.

Where to get the vehicle scripts

Transferrable vehicle scripts are in the Operator kits on the marketplace and at Bruissac and De Campion.