Get the Freight Out! - GTFO!

A logistics and exploration game in the virtual world of Second Life™

Get Started with GTFO!

Please note: These instructions are pretty basic.

What is GTFO!?

GTFO! is a HUD-based game where players transport virtual freight from one GTFO! hub to another to gain XP and G$.

XP is similar to XP in other games. G$ is a virtual currency used to secure jobs. The more G$ you have, the more freight you may take on. G$ have no value except to provide escrow for new jobs.

How do I start?

To play the game, you need:

Now what?

In its simplest form:

  1. Find a hub as a starting place. These are listed on the hubs list.
  2. Get in your vehicle.
  3. Attach your HUD and click it.

The dialog

GTFO HUD initial dialog

The buttons

Get Cargo: Get a cargo job to a destination of your choosing.
Get Random*: Get a cargo job to a random destination.
Smuggling*: Get a smuggling job. Be careful with this one, you could lose G$, if you get caught by Customs!
List All Hubs: List all hubs in order of distance.
GTFO GROUP: Gives a link to the in-world group in chat.
Help: Gives a link to the this website.

* Random and smuggling jobs are only available after you have G$5000 and the full HUD.

A couple of things about G$

You won’t ever run out of G$. The game will make sure you have at least 100.
You will lose your G$ escrow, if you don’t complete a job. Cancel via the HUD, if you can’t finish your run.