Get the Freight Out! - GTFO!

A logistics and exploration game in the virtual world of Second Life
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Get Started with GTFO!

Please note: These instructions are pretty basic.

What is GTFO!?

GTFO! is a HUD-based game where players transport virtual freight from one GTFO! hub to another to gain XP and G$.

XP is similar to XP in other games. G$ are a virtual currency that is used to secure jobs. The more G$ you have, the bigger the jobs you may take on. G$ are only used to secure jobs.

How do I start?

To play the game, you need:

Now what?

In its simplest form:

  1. Find a hub as a starting place. These are listed on the hubs list.
  2. Get in your vehicle.
  3. Attach your HUD and click it.

The dialog

Get Cargo: Get a cargo job to a destination of your choosing.
Get Random: Get a cargo job to a random destination.
Smuggling: Get a smuggling job. Be careful with this one, you could lose G$, if you get caught by Customs!
List All Hubs: List reachable hubs for your vehicle type, in order of distance.

A couple of things about G$

You won't ever run out of G$. The game will make sure you have at least 100.
You will lose your G$ escrow, if you don't complete a job. Cancel via the HUD, if you can't finish your run.

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