Get the Freight Out! - GTFO!

A logistics and exploration game in the virtual world of Second Life™

How to add visible cargo to a vehicle

If a vehicle is modifiable and supports changing the link order, you may add cargo that will appear to load at the start of a job and unload at the end.

To do that, you need to know:

If you do not know how to do these things, ask someone to help you.

Before you add cargo

Make sure to set your vehicle up for GTFO! and verify it can make a run.

Get the container capacity of the vehicle from nearby chat after you sit in the vehicle with your HUD attached. The message will look something like this:

GTFO! Operator HUD v1.9.1: GTFO! Vehicle Connected: [HVW] ERB-380_01, Class: Small Watercraft | Capacity: 5 Packages (5 FU)

In the above case, the capacity (quantity) of containers is 5.

Add the cargo

Some vehicles require special instructions for linking and unlinking. Please consult the manual or README notecard that came in the package.

You may link as many containers to the vehicle as it is rated for. See “Before you add cargo” for instructions on finding that number.

Prepare the objects by naming them “CARGO!1”, “CARGO!2” and so on. If you add more than the allowed capacity, extra containers may fail to work as expected.

Configure loading and unloading

  1. Open the vehicle's edit window and drag the script “!GTFO! CARGO Vx.x.x.lsl” into the “Content” tab.
  2. Edit the VAPI notecard with the cargo quantity and seconds to load or unload each piece of cargo. For example, for 5 pieces at 3 seconds each, add these two lines to the notecard:

Note: The total load time (qty * secs) must not exceed 120, and the numbers do not affect the actual capacity of the vehicle.

Test cargo loading

  1. Take the vehicle back into your inventory and then rez a new copy at a GTFO! hub that supports it.
  2. Attach the HUD and sit in the vehicle.
  3. Start a new job and load cargo. The cargo should appear as the load timer counts down.
  4. Run the job to the destination and unload. The cargo should disappear as the unload timer counts down.


We hope that you have added cargo successfully. If you have followed the instructions, and need help troubleshooting, just ask in the in-world group.


Thank you to resident Cam Maximus for writing the original notecard in 2018; and to Joan Moleno who updated the instructions in 2021.