Get the Freight Out! - GTFO!

A logistics and exploration game in the virtual world of Second Life™


v1.9.2 -- released 2022-11-06

  1. Security fixes
  2. Split the loader code into its own script
  3. Fixed "off by one" problem in hub list
  4. Consolidated the two vehicle scripts
  5. Minor bug fixes
  6. Removed redundant content from the operator kit

v1.9.1 -- released 2022-01-01

  1. Extra code to stop the issue of arriving at destination and being unable to deliver.
  2. 'VAPI help' and 'Help' buttons pointing to new end points
  3. A couple of sections of unused code removed from scripts


  1. Fixed bug in Space delivering to Drop Zones and too low entering DZ region.
  2. Adjusted FU sizes (this does not change your actual cargo handling) just standardize the actual total carried F units.
  3. Added extra protection where 1 vehicle could not unload even when at destination.
  4. Fixed bug with 2 vehicles trying to load/unload at the same time on the same HUB. API Script and CARGO Script updated(you only need to replace the CARGO script for the fix)


  1. Huge end point and script updates
  2. Changed the way distance is calculated to be closer
  3. Changed how XP is calculated now more based on distance.
  4. Crew able to ride in same vehicle if using 1.9.0 VAPI
  5. Restrictions on maximum Drop zone heights for aircraft and minimum for space craft
  6. Bonus and penalized XP can be given depending on conditions
  7. Wearable vehicles scripted in with Wearable VAPI script
  8. Added cargo visible timing adjustment in vehicle notecard this does not adjust the actual holding quantity of vehicle.
  9. Drop zones do not automatically release now, you have to be at correct height, then click HUD to "Drop Cargo" then there is a 5 second delay before your cargo is released.
  10. Smuggling added (you need at least 5000G$ and NOT trial HUD and you could get randomly caught by customs)
  11. Random cargo/HUB option available